About Me

I work best in bullet point lists so I will start off with one of those:
·         I’m 29. (In my head I thought  - “I’m 26.” But I’m not, I’m 29 and then I thought, “Holy crap, I’m getting older and I’m almost 30.” Oh, well.)
·         I’m excited about turning 30.
·         I live in Chicago. It’s a long story. Maybe one day I’ll tell it.
·         I have a kid. His name is Tomas. Without an H. I know, it’s ok, he’ll deal.
·         He’s 3.5. His birthday is in December. Yeah, I know. Poor kid. Jesus sure knows how to ruin a birthday.
·         I like make goals.
·         I’m horrible at following through.
·         I don’t want to be horrible at following through.
·         Hence, a blog – instant accountability, right?
·         A goal I’ve had for a long time (2003?) is to run the Chicago Marathon. It’s 2010. I have never run the Chicago Marathon.
·         I’m signing up to run the 2011 Chicago Marathon.
·         I’ve run a 5k and a 10k. I’m running a half-marathon in February 2011.
·         I’m sure there’s more, but for now this works.

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